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She’s a 35 year old dirty woman who’s going to take sex in any way that she can get it. She stands at 5’ 4” and weighs in at a curvy 120 LBS. She has blonde hair and brown eyes that are always hungry for more of you. Her curvaceous body measures in at 36-26-36 and her giant tits spill out of a DD cup. She loves anything that has to do with BDSM and she can both take over and hand control of her entire body to anyone who can make it feel good. She’s always ready to roleplay as anyone you want her to be.

She has an aching pussy that she’s always trying to use to make someone else cum. It’s nice and warm and every cock feels perfectly at home inside of it. She loves to hear dirty talk and wants to know all of the filthy things that you’re going to do to her pussy. She’s happy to spread her legs and finger herself whenever you want to see it. She’s also ready to tell you exactly how to grab onto your own cock and stroke it for her. Just be ready for all of the orgasm denial.

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