Get Paid For Sex


Getting paid for sex is not always illegal and in some countries, it is quite legal and is considered you to be a sex worker. It does not always mean you are a prostitute, even though that is the most common name for it. You may be in a bar and a man or woman come up to you and ask you to have sex with them for money, something you had never given thought to at all. Having had it tossed in your face, it may even seem interesting. I mean, you are broke and need the money, this being the easiest way to get to that cash, and who is going to know, right?

These days one of the best ways to get paid for sex is by camming, you can start broadcasting yourself masturbating and instantly start raking in the cash no matter whether you’re male or female. People just love watching other ordinary people masturbate on cam.

If you are giving consideration to get paid for sex, there are a few things you really should and must keep in mind, and I mean the front of your mind, not even a little far in the back, but be very careful at first thought. Whether you are hooking up with someone to have sex for pay, an escort, online dating hookups, regardless, if you are planning a face to face, keep safe and private as you can.

Make a simple call first, before you hook up, and make sure that the person you are hooking up with answers and has no issues talking with you on the phone. If they do not answer for any reason at all, be careful, this could be something that could be very dangerous. Always make arrangements in advance, things like the cost, what you will and will not do for the price agreed on by both of you. Stick to script, this simply means, if you agreed on terms, do not sway from that, stay with what was discussed. If you wish to add something, make that for another time. Once you go off script, it leaves you open to things you would never agreed on.

Tell someone that you trust, someone that you know will be agreeable, or at least supportive, of what you are doing. Make sure someone knows where you are going in the off chance that something happens and you are not back when you said you would be. Always always use condoms, if you are having sex, always be safe, regardless of the reason, make sure you are safe from STDs, or anything else that could be sexually transmitted. The very instant you do not feel safe, male or female, get the hell out of this and do not follow through with it.

If meeting up with someone on a dating site or app to get paid for sex, be careful and never give more than is absolutely needed. No real home address, no real phone number, name, and the list goes on. Stay as private as you can for as long as you can. Just because you have good intentions, it does not mean everyone does. Dating alone can be a tricky business, online dating can be even worse and there is a point in time that there is no turning back, so make very sure you have as much information and trust as you can get before meeting face to face. Meet in public at first, phone calls, meet in groups. Just be safe, at any and all cost, be safe.

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